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4 thoughts on “your comments

  • Rad Drew

    Dear Marie-France,

    Thank you for your informative and enjoyable Truffle Program, and especially for your hospitality in sharing with us treats made from these delectable treasures! Our group thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, and I can’t wait to sample the oils, truffles, and aperitif that we brought home with us from your farm. I look forward to seeing you again next May when I return with another photography group!



  • Drew Kodjak

    I would highly recommend this Truffle tour given by Marie- France. I knew nothing about Truffles before I arrived. Marie-France gave the tour in both French and English. The presentation was filled with interesting facts about the Truffle profession combined with stories from Marie-France’s experiences as a Truffle grower. She then demonstrated how her little beagle dog finds Truffles by hiding about 8 truffles in the soil around the oak trees and then having the dog sniff them out and uncover them by pawing the ground. On our particular visit, the Truffle dog also found a large truffle from a tree that had never before had a Truffle: Marie-France was quite excited about that. Marie-France is a delightful speaker, full of energy and charm and interesting stories. Highly recommended.

    Drew Kodjak

  • Delwen Franzen

    Merci pour cette visite très amicale et intéressante! Tout était aussi bien expliqué en Anglais, avec une version écrite en tant qu’aide. (Everything was also very well explained in English and a text was available to make it easier to follow.) On se réjouit déjà de revenir en hiver pour une visite du marché!

  • BIENAIME Claude et Nathalie

    Bravo Marie-France pour cette passion qui vous anime! Ce moment avec vous a été très riche de découvertes! Merci! On s’est ensuite régalés grâce à vos conseils culinaires! Encore Merci